H Collective Will Unleash a Creature of Unknown Origins in Christine Crokos-Directed ‘The Beast’

I haven’t been this excited about a creature movie since working on Cloverfield,” The H Collective’s President of Production Sherryl Clark tells Deadline of the company’s upcoming survival horror movie The Beast, which has just set Christine Crokos (Pimp) to direct.

The story follows a woman who flees an abusive husband only to find herself the sole survivor of a plane crash. Stranded in the South Pacific on a deserted island, she must also grapple with horrors that tap into her worst nightmares while fighting off a creature of unknown origins.

Said Crokos, “The Beast is a very unique flip of how we see the world of domestic violence. It’s a fresh and bold lensing on female empowerment. It’s a ferocious fight for survival, where one must be brave enough to dive into a terrifying isolated world and come out the other side transformed.”

Aaron W. Sala’s script for the film was featured on the 2018 Blacklist.

The Beast is expected to begin shooting in Fall 2019.

Martha Taylor