Brightburn Trailer: New Look At The Horror-Focused Superhero Origin Tale

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What if Superman's story took an unexpected, terrifying turn? That's the basic idea behind new horror thriller Brightburn. Produced by James Gunn, the film has released its second trailer.

Written by Gunn's brothers Brian and Mark, and directed by old pal David Yarovesky, Brightburn puts a dark spin on the origin story we expect. An alien child crashes to Earth, and is adopted by a loving couple (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) in bucolic farm territory. Before long, he's showing some incredible abilities, but then events start to deviate.

Bullied by his peers, young Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn) starts to use his powers to take revenge, and soon no one is safe. He's drawing an unusual symbol over books (and in one case, windows) and even as the damage and victims round up, his adoptive mother still believes he can be good.

Brightburn will be out in cinemas on 24 May.

Martha Taylor